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Acne spot treatments and concealer
treat pimples on the spot
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Why spot treatment and concealers
rapid rescue cream

Spot Treatment Creams and Gel

Need something to attack that stubborn pimple that popped up overnight? Clearasil® has you covered. Our treatment creams and gels start working instantly to reduce redness and rid your skin of blemishes fast - in as early as 4 hours. 

stubborn acne control

Concealing Treatment Cream

Need a little extra coverage? When pesky blemishes pop up, use Clearasil® Stubborn Acne Concealing Treatment Cream to put them out of sight while also delivering maximum strength Benzoyl Peroxide straight to the source. 

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maximum strength concealing cream
rapid rescue spot treatment cream
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Rapid Rescue Spot Treatment Cream, 1 oz.

Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide Stubborn Acne Spot Treatment Cream, 1 oz

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