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Create Your Own Skin Care Routine And Personalized Skin Care Regimen

Create Your Own Skin Care Routine And Personalized Skin Care Regimen

You may not be thrilled with the idea of adding more steps to whatever your daily routine is now, but don’t sweat it. Your daily skin care routine can be simple and stress free – once you’re in the habit it can be as familiar as brushing your teeth.

Do you shower in the morning or at night? Maybe some days you shower more than once, after a hard practice or workout. Think about how you go about keeping yourself clean and work a skin care regimen into those times.

It’s easy to wash your face in the shower, but you might need to do it at the sink, too. Washing skin at night with our Daily Clean® washes can help remove dirt, bacteria, makeup and sweat that accumulate during the day, while washing your face in the morning can help remove any excess oil and give you a clean slate to start your day with.

If you’re out and about after a long day and can’t take a shower or get to a sink (maybe you’re on the road after a game or meet) toss our pads or wipes in your bag so that you can keep skin clean on the go.

Be sure to be gentle when you wash your face – rubbing too hard can make blemishes redder. But sometimes you need a little extra help removing dead skin and scrubbing away the dirt that can get stuck in pores. When you feel like your skin needs exfoliating try our Ultra Rapid® scrubs for added scrubbing action.

Sometimes you might feel the need for a much deeper clean. If you’re fighting acne marks try our Ultra Acne + Marks Daily Scrub or our Ultra Acne + Marks Wash & Mask for deep cleansing focused on preventing new acne marks and lessening the appearance of old acne marks.

Washing your face twice a day and keeping those occasional deeper clean options in your back pocket will help you to take care of your skin and help prevent breakouts. Try washes or scrubs for every day, pads and wipes for on the go, and masks or our Daily Clear® Clear Skin Kit for a deep clean.


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