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Find Out How To Treat Acne Scars & Learn How To Prevent Acne Scars From Appearing

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Unfortunately, acne scars don't add the same kind of character that beauty marks do. But the reality is many of us are prone to developing acne scars. It’s a genetic thing. Like most things, we get them from our parents. If one or both of your parents have acne scars, then you're more likely to get them. Thanks, mom and dad. With Clearasil®, you can learn how to treat acne scars when they surface.

Acne scars form when you have a slow inflammatory response in the skin. This means the skin heals after a pimple, while the pimple is still inflamed. Eventually the pimple subsides, but the skin then shrinks back to form a typical acne scar.

But don't storm after your parents just yet. Something can be done. The main thing is learning how to prevent acne scars – use a Clearasil® wash regularly to help prevent pimples from forming, and if you get a pimple, then treat it quickly to stop it from becoming large and inflamed (red).

Scarring can also be caused by picking at pimples and by squeezing them too hard, which forces the contents deeper into the skin. So as hard as it is to resist the urge - DON'T PICK! Instead, treat the pimple with Clearasil® Ultra® treatment cream.


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