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Get Cold Weather Beauty Tips From The Hannah Teter Interview

Get Cold Weather Beauty Tips From The Hannah Teter Interview

By Leah Melby,
on February 6, 2012

Tired of battling cold and dry winter weather? If you think your beauty blues are bad, imagine the life of snowboarding gold medalist Hannah Teter. The blonde athlete has perfected a routine for high altitudes and lots and lots of snow. We quizzed her on her secrets and cold weather beauty tips she's picked up from a life on the slopes.

Get amazing advice in this exclusive Hannah Teter interview:

Real Beauty: What are the beauty problems that plague you when you're training, and how do you deal?

Hannah Teter: My skin tends to get dry and chapped from spending a lot of time on the slopes, so I'm always moisturizing. I'll get small breakouts around the areas where my goggles touch my face, but I keep them in check with Clearasil.

RB: What essentials do you always pack in your bag?

HT: A light moisturizer with SPF—who doesn't like to multi-task? I also always make sure I've got a really great lip balm on me to avoid chapped lips.

RB: And when you're traveling for competitions, is there anything special you bring?

HT: A deep conditioning mask or treatment. My hair can get super dry after a long day on the slopes, and it helps to take care of, and prevent, any split ends.

RB: What kind of products do you wear on a regular day of practicing?

HT: Moisturizer and SPF are key for me. People forget, but you can get sunburned from being up on the mountain just as easily as you can from a day on the beach. I usually like dual-products that include SPF since it's both hydrating and providing my sun protection. No need to use two different bottles!

RB: If you know you'll be televised, does your routine change at all?

HT: When I'm on TV, I'll add bronzer and eyeliner to the mix. I still like to keep my look pretty natural, but those are definitely my go-to products when I need a little something extra.

RB: How has being a professional athlete affected your definition of what's beautiful?

HT: To me, beauty is really about being healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.

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