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Get Prom Ready Skin Care Tips From Our Beauty Blogger

Get Prom Ready Skin Care Tips From Our Beauty Blogger

Prom Skin Care Tips from Beauty Sweet Spot blogger Jeannine Morris

Nothing makes you feel more confident than clear skin, so make it your number one accessory on prom night. If you find yourself with a blemish and in a bind, use Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream. It works in as little as four hours!

Frame Your Face

Leave your brows in the hands of an expert (they frame your face!) and get them done a week before the big day to allow for any redness or irritation to go away.

Get Inspiration From The Stars

The Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammy’s just ended so use red carpet hair photos of your favorite celebrities as inspiration for your prom night look. To make sure you and your hair stylist are on the same page, bring the photos with you to the salon so you can get exactly what you want.

Get Matching

Show off your couple style at prom with a color-coordinated touch! Match your nail polish to his tie, or head down the more traditional route and opt for matching florals (his boutonniere, your corsage) but with a modern twist – ditch the roses and choose a unique flower in a bold, eye-catching hue like tangerine or cobalt blue.

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