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A Guide To Clogged Pores

No matter your age, gender, or life styles, no one wants to deal with clogged pores. They don’t look great, can hurt, and could lead to further acne problems. What can you do to best treatment for clogged pores? We’ll go over everything you need to know below.

What are Pores?

First, we need to understand what pores are and what it means for them to be clogged. Pores are small, unable to see holes on your face that release oils and sweat. Pores get clogged when dead skin, debris and excessive oil fills the holes. This prevents sweat and oil from escaping and that pore becomes enflamed. Other factors that can cause clogged pores are hormones, sun exposure and genetics.

How Do Pores Get Clogged?

Now that we know what it means to have clogged pores, we’ll need to discuss what causes pores to clog. While we mentioned a couple of reasons already, you’ll be able to go into greater detail about why pores become clogged.

Excessive Oil

One of the main reasons that pores become clogged is because of excessive oils. When your pores are excreting extra oils, it can fill the hole and prevent more from expecting. This causes the skin to get red and elevate.

Why would your body be producing extra oils? There are two main reasons. The first one is that your body releases more oils during hormone spikes which explains why many people experience their worst acne and clogged pores during their teenage years.

The other reason you might be releasing more oil is due to stress. Much like sweating, you produce more oils when you’re nervous, scared, or anxious. Limiting the amount of stress in your life will reduce the amount of oil your body releases.


Much like oil, sweat is released through your pores. When you’re producing more sweat, it can cause more oil to be released as well. This can cause your pores to become clogged in a similar situation. Much like we said above, hormones and stress play a key role in the amount of sweat that your body produces.

Toxins in the Air

Some areas have poor air quality which can lead to more toxins in the air. These toxins can lead to your pores getting clogged. This is because excess oil isn’t the only thing that can clog your pores; dirt and debris found in the air can also fill the holes on your face. While you can’t just move away from an area that has poor air quality (cities like Los Angeles for example), owning an air purifier can help.

Sun Exposure

You already know that sun exposure isn’t good for your skin. While it’s an excellent source of vitamin D, too much sun can cause sun burns, blemishes, and even skin cancer. Over exposure to the sun can also cause clogged pores.

How you ask? When you had a bad sunburn, your skin starts to die and peel. As your skin peels, flakes can end up filling your pores and prevent oils from escaping. To prevent sun exposure problems, you’ll need to limit that amount of unprotected exposure you experience. When you’re going to be outside for an extended period, wear sunscreen.


Sometimes, the reason you experience clogged pores is out of your control. Genetics play a role in the health and quality of your skin (like most of the organs in your body). However, if you have poor genetics when it comes to clogged pores, you can still practice healthy skin practices and exfoliate regularly to help.

How to Treat Clogged Pores

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you end up with clogged pores. That’s ok - it happens to everyone. There are techniques and products specifically designed to help treat clogged pores. Below, we have a few strategies that should help you out.

Avoid Squeezing

Don’t play around with your clogged pores. Don’t squeeze them or anything like that. This only makes the problem worse. Squeezing can create acne scars or worsen the breakout. Follow the tips below rather than trying to squeeze your pores.


Exfoliation is just healthy for your skin in general but it can also help with clogged pores. Exfoliating your skin once per week can help remove dead skin, debris, and dirt. It’ll also help clean pores that might be starting to clog.

Clearasil Rapid Rescue Acne Solution

Clearasil is here to help with your clogged pores. Our Rapid Rescue Acne Solution is made to work quickly against clogged pores, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. It’s specially made to work with all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Check it out and help unclog your pores today.

Treat Your Clogged Pores Now

Understanding what causes clogged pores, how to treat them, and avoiding dangerous situations is the key to healthy skin. While genetics, age and hormones play a role, you have enough control to fight back. Clearasil is also here to help with the Rapid Rescue Acne Solution. Make sure you do what you can to prevent you pores from clogging and keeping your skin looking healthy.


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