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We Know Blackheads Are Stubborn, But What ARE Blackheads?

woman padding her forehead in mirror

The dreaded blackheads. What are blackheads anyway? While it's not the most exciting topic of conversation it is good to know. Blackheads are blocked pores (hair follicles) that haven’t become red and inflamed. They can be present on the skin for weeks, months, even years. They typically have a hard, dark disc of dead skin cells at the opening of the pore. The dark color is not dirt, it’s melanin pigment that has travelled up the hair follicle in skin cells, accumulating at the opening. Some people get blackheads more than zits; others hardly get them at all. Some are more noticeable and some you can't see at all. Most commonly they are on the skin at the side of the nose, and on the forehead.

Probably not information you're ever going to use to break the ice, but it's good to know.

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